Anti-Bullying week at The Shires Stretton

It has been a busy week for the young people at The Shires Stretton with each class marking Anti-Bullying week with a range of activities.

Cottage class

The Cottage class have taken part in a “who can help?” lesson during anti-bullying week. They have talked about who they could ask for help if they were being bullied and have each completed a “helping hand” describing who they might go to for support.

Annex class

As part of Anti Bullying week the Annex class had a lesson that looked how bullying made people feel. This was linked in to work we have done about our emotions and feelings. We looked at a presentation that focused on physical bullying and verbal bullying. As a group we then tried to emphasise how both of these would make us very sad and upset. We looked at a video that showed a girl who was being bullied and the affect it had on her. The students then completed a paper chain of feelings and actions associated with bullying with the help of the staff in the class. These paper chains now form the basis of our Anti Bullying display in the class.

Red class

Red Class have looked at bullying amongst teenagers and revised the anti-bullying declaration that Red Class came up with almost 2 years ago; they also included a definition of what bullying is. We then looked at a story in a 12 certificated episode of Boston Legal where a very rich lawyer bullies a homeless person after shooting him in the head with a paintball gun. It was the rich lawyer’s friend who eventually represents the homeless person because he could not stand the injustice his friend was showing – we went into the point that everybody needs to stand up to examples of bullying if we see it even if it is from one of your friends.

Blue class

For anti-bullying week blue class have been discussing the various types of bullying including physical, verbal, emotional and cyber. The students then answered some scenario based questions to apply what they had learnt to real life situations.