Work starts on the new Classroom at Oakham

Work is now well underway on the new classroom at The Shires Oakham, we are expecting the children to be moving in to the classroom in June.

The building is being built by TG Escapes who specialise in creating eco-friendly modular classrooms that are designed to inspire young children, creativity and learning. Made using modern modular construction techniques, the new classroom will be built in half the time of a traditional building, but made to last equally as long. The timber cladding will also help create a space that fits in with our surrounding and we know the children will look forward to using the space.  If you want to have a look at some of the other examples of what TG Escapes have built in the past you can view them here.

Our new classroom will look something like this!

Oakham Classroom visual

But currently looks like this…..!