We are outstanding!

We are delighted to announce that both The Shires at Oakham and The Shires at Stretton have been judged outstanding by Ofsted in their recent children’s home inspection.

The Shires at Oakham report highlighted:

This home provides children with highly individualised and effective care. Children make exceptional progress from their starting points. A parent said: ‘I couldn’t wish for him to be in a better place.’

Staff have warm and supportive relationships with children. This helps children to feel safe and secure. Staff have a good understanding of each child’s communication needs and respond accordingly. This helps to reduce the child’s frustration and prevent anxieties developing.

The registered manager is experienced and qualified. She provides strong and supportive leadership. Staff say that they feel valued and empowered due to the manager’s encouraging style of leadership. She has a firm understanding of the home’s strengths and weaknesses. She has an inspirational development plan that not only addresses shortfalls but enhances the service provided for children.

The full report can be downloaded below

The Shires at Oakham Ofsted Care Inspection Report


The Shires at Stretton report highlighted:

Children are happy and have positive experiences. A child’s mother said: ‘He giggles at me down the phone.’ This is a child who has been struggling with his anxieties so much that he was no longer able to go out in the community or access education. He is now communicating better, starting to access his education and going swimming, as well as going out for meals. His social worker said that the change in him has been ‘due to the staff team who has remained very committed to him, helping him to feel safe and secure’. The registered manager said: ‘We allow children to be children and allow them to have autism.’

Children have good attendance at the on-site school. They are provided with a bespoke package of education that is tailored to their individual strengths and needs. The same staff support children throughout the day with their care and education. This helps children to manage their anxieties and therefore access learning.

The full report can be downloaded below

The Shires at Stretton Ofsted Care Inspection report